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3-Dimensional Imaging

3D Data Measurement

Advanced Metrology and 3D Imaging systems enable the measurement of complex shapes thousands or millions of times faster and more completely than mechanical methods. To measure complex shapes, one uses specialized optical instruments to scan the object from multiple directions. By collecting many such scans, each in a different known location, one gets dozens or even thousands of data sets (a.k.a. point clouds) in a process by a team consisting of skilled technicians and engineers.

Value Proposition

3D imaging and advanced prototyping techniques are the fastest way to provide the most detailed and complete information on the size, shape, and surface variation of complex objects. These objects can be as common as an industrial manufacturing facility or as unique as the wing span of a recently developed un-manned high altitude surveillance aircraft. The accurate “as-built” representations of objects that it creates can be fully integrated into the digital manufacturing process, whether it is the part itself or the plant that manufactures that part.

3D Imaging results in:

· Improved Readiness: increased reliability and accurate documentation that captures past and enables future rapid modifications, maintenance, and repair of fatigued equipment

· Increased Efficiencies: decreased manufacturing and operating costs

· Employed Lean and Six Sigma Programs: improved product quality and extended service lifetimes

Video of a food processing assembly line created by M7 thru laser scanning and 3D modeling. View on YouTube

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