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Nextec 3D Inspection Technologies

M-7 has joined forces with Nextec 3D Inspection Technologies, a leading precision measurement company located in Israel. Nextec specializes in providing high precision, non contact, fast laser measurement solutions. Using proprietary developments in optical metrology and laser scanning Nextec is able to provide equipment and software that enables real-time process and quality control on the manufacturing or production floor. Using these packages measuring tasks are accomplished in a fraction of the time compared to competitive measuring solutions. Nextec packages are utilized by a wide range of industries which includes turbine manufacturers, automotive, precision tool and die manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

Nextec has awarded M-7 exclusive distributing rights to leading edge laser technology developed for these applications. This partnership supports and strengthens the mission of M7 to be customer focused and process driven by increasing our ability to offer technologically advanced solutions for metrology and manufacturing customers.

More information about Nextec can be viewed at http://www.nextec-wiz.com/.

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iQservices supports the laser scanning and 3D modeling initiatives of M7. iQservices specializes in transforming laser scanned data into 3D models and layouts. With years of experience and a futuristic approach, iQservices is one of the most renowned companies in the field of laser scanning and CAD.

Architectural firms, engineering companies, surveyors and service providers all benefit from the capability of iQservices. These benefits include making capacity and facility planning as well as facility redesigns effortless. iQservices is equipped to work with a wide variety of software and data collection packages.

Examples of iQservices projects, success, and references can be viewed at http://www.iqservices.eu/en/index.html (See top right of website for English)



INORA (Intelligent Optimization Self Regulated Adjustment) provides a very advanced geometric math engine. INORA is part of an Advanced Technology Research team that is developing the configuration of a device to be mounted in the spindle of CNC machines for in-process measurement of parts as cut. This will provide high speed, high precision, high accuracy, in-situation non-contact measuring for quality assurance and quality control checks on high value, mission critical part manufacturing processes. The dimensional and geometric data collected will be driven directly into the native design file and have the ability for intelligent machine adjustments. In the future, instantaneous information transmission will enable real time collaboration in a distributed manufacturing environment.

More information about INORA can be viewed at http://www.metronomus.com

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Laser Scanning Europe

Laser Scanning Europe utilizes laser scanning as an extremely efficient method for surveying. Surveys are conducted with laser scanning equipment to capture structures and landscapes as well as additional detail such as artifacts, furnishings, and antique objects. These are examples of building restoration projects or preservation of monuments.

Laser Scanning Europe is also equipped for industrial services aimed at optimizing processes in production plants and production lines. Design of factories and buildings along with digital designs also are included in these services. Other industries served include mining, aircraft and naval construction, and the steel industry.

Laser Scanning Europe supports clients with laser scanning hardware and software, training and project support, and modeling services. To view more about Laser Scanning Europe visit http://www.laserscanning-europe.com.

Video of a food processing assembly line created by M7 thru laser scanning and 3D modeling. View on YouTube

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